Quick, Clear, Once a Week

Every Tuesday, a new, under-reported topic in the fight for voting rights, from felony re-enfranchisement to the poll worker shortage to potential statehood for Washington, D.C. No jargon, no ads, and never more than a six-minute read.

Not Just Bad News

When it comes to voting rights, there’s a lot be appalled by, but it’s not all voter ID laws and closed polling sites. So, we’ll look at each week’s theme from the POV of what’s going both wrong and right. If we want elections that are truly free and fair — both in 2022 and well beyond — we need to know what to strive for.

A View from the Inside

Having been a poll worker in NYC since 2012, I know that not every bump and blip is voter suppression. Even when it may seem like that, we have to remember that Election Day is a gauntlet: 16 hours with too few staff, too many scanner jams, and a lot of people who need to slow down when spelling their names.

Likewise, over the past five years of freelancing, the election administrators I’ve met were almost always doing their best with next to no resources and a public who takes interest only when there’s a problem. So, I pledge to approach these issues with as much empathy as righteous anger.

Helping You Help Us

Democracy isn’t a spectator sports, so each week I’ll give a variety of action items. Some require time, some require money, some just ask you to be better prepared when you go to vote.

More about Me

I’m a 32-year-old independent journalist who’s based in Brooklyn, lives on Twitter, has a website, and also coaches CrossFit (I bet you didn’t see that coming).

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The bad (and the good!) in the fight for voting rights


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